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We meet incredible people everyday. We learn from them or we teach them, we create design together or do some technology researches - we found a like-minded person in each of them. We cherish every person and we know that once we meet, we always stay in touch. That’s why we call such people a family.

We decided to gather all our family in one place. And we created the ODESD2 Community.

This is a place to show and tell, discover, and explore design. This is a place to ask for advice and give a feedback. Share your story, find your design soulmate, offer the solution.

Join the community's conversations on topics ranging from design to production processes, find out the latest ODESD2 news first and feel free to communicate with bureau team.


create a profitable business with us

Dealers and regional representatives play an important role in spreading ODESD2 ideas worldwide, help people to fall in love with design and carry this feeling through life.

Owning and operating the ODESD2 Dealership is the great business opportunity for people or companies who can’t imagine their lives without the design and architecture and know how to create a profitable business.

If you want to join our trade network and are interested in learning more - fill in the form below and tell us about yourself.


for manufacturers and materials suppliers

We strive to provide great products in modern design and with the best quality. That’s why we’re open to cooperation with suppliers of materials and technologies for optimizing production processes. We offer our partners the best conditions of work and service in the market. We work with both large and small businesses, with companies from different parts of the world.

If you are interested in working with a modern company and provide a quality product - please fill in the form below and our representative will contact you in the shortest terms. 


ODESD2 Media Relations

Want to ask company or design media question? Need additional information or images? Please email us on

Also you can find our latest news on the Chronical page. This is a place where we present our new products, publications in media, interviews and great interiors with our products in them.

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Show us your design!

You know what people will use in their interiors next 100 years or even how to reinvent a bicycle? Your ideas are creative, modern, but also ergonomic and functional? We need to learn more about your designs!

We offer advantageous partnership terms, where designers get investments to create a product. We take care of all expenses for prototyping, prototype production, logistics, advertising and promotion. We regulate relations with designers by signing a royalty agreement and undertake to regularly pay remuneration.

We see designers as equal partners, so we give them the opportunity to influence both the cost of the product and its price in retail. As a feedback we want to see the original design and responsible design.

If you want to offer to us your product - you need to send information about it on our email Your design project has to have:

- text (description of your product, description of material and technologies which should be used in the production of it);
- images (sketches, 3d model, visualizations, photos of the maquette or prototype);
- analytics of the market (information about similar products and their prices);
- other information which can help us to understand your idea.